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Science Education


American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

Eisenhower National Clearinghouse


The Far Out Environment


International Space Station (ISS)

Sighting Info for Chicago Area

20 million dollar space tourist

Liftoff to Space Exploration

National Radio Astronomy Observatory

Space Exploration Index

Picture of the Day

Satellite Tracking
2D Tracking
J-Track 3D with Satellite Info

Space Shuttle | News

Space Weather
Auroral Activity
(Jack Horkheimer: Star Gazer, guest commentator for Steve Dahl)

US Naval Observatory Data Services

Virtual Sky Observatory

Eric Weisstein's World of Science Astronomy

Earth and Sky

Lowell Observatory

National Optical
Astronomy Observatory

Royal Greenwich Observatory

Sky & Telescope

University of Arizona

StarDate Online


More Great Links ... E-Learning

Coastal Data Information Program

Environmental Defense

Grand Illinois Trail

Volvo Ocean Adventure


Cards Weather | Map | Radar Loop | Radar Summary | Satellite | +-X/

Around Town & Beyond .../Science/Environment ...

Chicago Wilderness Magazine |

Photo credit:
Space Telescope Science Institute

Space Environment Center
Space Weather Now

Space Weather
Auroral Activity

NOAA POES Satellite

NASA Earth Observatory
Visible Earth Lights
National Environmental,
Satellite, Data, and
Information Service

Arlington Heights Sky Blog
Day and Night sightings, aircraft, astronomy, fireworks and more ...

USNO: Sun | Moon

Meade ETX-125EC Telescope
Buy it from

Kennedy Space Center

Space Environment Center
Space Weather Now

See the International Space Station Over Chicago
Moon phases for the month

Adler Planetarium

Neave Lab Planetarium

Wikipedia Planetarium

The Cardinal -- Arlington Heights News



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Azimuth a clockwise arc of the horizon measured from a fixed point (usually true north) to the intersection of a vertical circle that arises from the horizon and passes through the center of an object (usually elevated in the sky). Azimuth is measured in degrees. The sun would have an azimuth of 0f 90 degrees if it rises on a morning when it is due east. As it rises, its elevation would increase and its azimuth would increase. As the sun sets its elevation would decrease and its azimuth would continue to increase.

Elevation is the amount of degrees above the horizon. An object on the horizon has zero degree elevation.

Zenith is the highest point that a celestial object reaches as it is observed in the sky.


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