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is a great resource for recalling people in the news and in history who have an impact on today's world. People are chosen for this index for their dinner party conservation power -- locally in Arlington Heights on up to Chicago, national and world levels of significance. We are picking people you might be embarrassed not to recall in conversation and those people (up-and-coming or little known, but interesting) that are starting to hit the news.

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Arlingtoncards.com/people is not an exhaustive listing. There are a lot of famous people! There are links for more help here. Search for great achievers at Achievement.org. Search for authors and actors on Amazon.com. Search for actors, producers and directors on Internet Movie Database IMDB.COM. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Walk of Fame and PopEater.com site is also helpful. Search for musical artists on Amazon.com, CDNOW, or Billboard. For TV stars check TV Guide or Tv-now.com. For historical figures, check the History Channel, Biography.com or the Wikipedia List of Wealthiest Historical Figures. For a wider celebrity database, check BigCelebrities.com, Hollywood.com or Lycos Entertainment. For dirt on record, check The Smoking Gun or TMZ.com Celebrity .

Don't forget to check the AROUND TOWN section to browse many topics available in government, entertainment, local business and scholarly topics.

To help recall names:
NamestreetUSA | Yahoo! Society and Culture:People:Names

U.S. Census Bureau | Name Files
Freq %, Cumulative Freq %, Rank ...
Last Names | First Names Female | First Names Male

Alfabette zoope name lists (www.zoope.com)

Social Security Office Popular Names

For sports celebrity bookings, check Speaking of Sports Celebrity Booking.

For local Chicago musicians, check Chicago's Centerstage.net Who's Who

Check out our SEARCH page for search engine links. If you are looking for neighbors and old friends, try Anywho.com or Whitepages.com or PeopleSearch.com. Looking for old classmates? Check out Classmates.com.

Death Indices, obituaries, gravesites and memorials are also valuable resource to finding people's history. Check the following:

Social Security Death Index (ssdi.genealogy.rootsweb.com)
Chicago Tribune Obituaries | Legacy.com
Beneath Los Angeles | Findagrave.com
Hollywood-underground.com | Politicalgraveyard.com




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