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Something's Missing?
Suppose you thought that a restaurant we used to link is no longer visible on the page you viewed once before: Try the Thing's Change page. We are keeping a log of removed links and closed businesses in Arlington Heights.

Broken Links

If you experience a broken link, you may report it to Links that have been removed from are listed on

Remote web sites frequently change (e.g., the web site administrator may change the filename or the location of the file) and may cause a link to stop working. The result is a link from may not function when another site changes.

If you are determined to see the referred link before it is repaired, there a few techniques you can try.

  1. Try removing all the text in the URL up to the next directory level. In other words, delete the text up to the last forward slash. Sometimes this takes you to a page that will show you a new link to the page you want.

    If it doesn't work, you can repeat this toward the left until you only see the actual domain name (e.g., instead of

    Then you would look for a main page to refer you to the desired page.

  2. Try adding "www." if there is no "www" at the beginning of the address (right after the "http://") OR try removing the "www." if there already is a "www" at the beginning of the address (right after the "http://").


Keep in mind these techniques are not foolproof and may display a page that shows a that access is denied.


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