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Arlington Heights
Garbage Collection Information

Groot.comVAH.COM Arl Hts Official Website


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Days Serviced
North of Oakton:
Monday & Thursday
Yard Waste Monday -
Recycling Thursday

South of Oakton:
RefuseTuesday & Friday
Yard Waste Tuesday
Recycling Friday

Yard Waste Collection Program

Option 1
Residents may choose to sign up for the yard waste subscription. Yard waste will still need to be bagged and bundled as described below, however, no stickers are necessary. Subscriptions are not eligible for proration. Residents who wish to sign up for the landscape waste subscription should contact our customer service department at (800) 244-1977

Option 2
Residents must place one (1) yard waste sticker to every bag of yard waste placed out for collection. Residents who place yard waste at the curbmust purchase special stickers from local retailers and apply the stickers to bags of grass or leaves and bundles of brush. Please see the list of sticker retailers below.

30-Gallon Kraft Paper Bags Required: Leaves and grass clippings must be placed in two ply, 30 gallon, Kraft type paper bags. The sticker must be applied to the bag so as to be readily visible from the street. Groot will not collect bags unless a sticker is attached. Bags must not weigh more than 50 pounds each. Plastic tape and silver duct tape must be not used to close the bag because it will not decompose in the compost.

Brush, Small Limbs: Brush and small limbs must be tied into bundles with biodegradable twine that will compost. Nylon will not compost.  Bundles must have a sticker attached to them or they will not be collected. Bundles must not exceed 5 feet in length, 2 feet in diameter, or 50 pounds. Limbs must not exceed 6 inches in diameter because the compost grinder will not be able to grind larger diameter limbs.

Logs: Logs greater than 6 inches in diameter will be disposed of in a landfill and should be placed with garbage/refuse. No sticker is required. There is a 1 cubic yard limit.

Sticker Return: Stickers left over at the end of the season may be used for the next Yard Waste season. Please do NOT return unused stickers to area merchants.

Christmas trees : Christmas trees will be collected on your regular landscape collection day from December 31st through January 8th. Stickers are not necessary for Christmas trees. Plastic bags must be removed from the tree because the plastic will not decompose in a compost pile. Bags of late falling leaves and branch bundles can be placed at he curb with Christmas trees.

Christmas Garland and Wreaths: These are to be disposed of with your garbage and refuse, and are not considered to be landscape waste.

Refuse Program
25% Senior Discount must be 65 years old
      -discount begins @ start of 1st 2nd month billing period following Village approval

50% Discount to Senior's and residents with either head of house or spouse with disability, and income not exceeding $16,000 ****Must get approval from the Village Hall.

Only disposable containers allowed at curb - There is no limit to the amount of refuse containers placed out for weekly collection.

White goods will be picked up on Monday's for all Arlington Heights residents.


Observed Holidays
New Year's Day Labor Day
Memorial Day Thanksgiving
Independence Day Christmas
  • If the holiday falls on a Saturday, pick up will stay the same.
  • If the holiday falls on a Sunday, Monday will be an off day.
  • If the holiday falls on a weekday, service will be delayed until the next day.

Recyclable Materials

Office Paper Plastic Containers #1
Paperboard PETE, #2 HDPE, #4 LDPE
Junk Mail   Aluminum Cans/Foil
Newspaper Tin Cans
Corrugated Cardboard Steel Cans
Telephone Books Glass Bottles and Jars
Magazines   Catalogs
Newspaper Inserts Regular and Wet Strength


Yard Waste Sticker Retailers
 Village Hall  33 S Arlington Heights Rd. Arl. Hts.     
 Mariano's Fresh
802 E. Northwest Hwy.   Arl. Hts.   
 Zimmerman True
745 S. Buffalo Grove Rd.  Buffalo Grove     
 Garden Fresh

 600 E. Rand Rd.  

Arl. Hts. 
 Sherwin Ace
1705 Campbell

Arl. Hts
 Dominicks  325 Palatine Rd. Arl. Hts.  

1160 Lake Cook Rd. Buffalo Grove 
 Dominicks  770 S. Buffalo Grove Rd. Buffalo Grove
 Jewel 122 N. Vail Arl. Hts.

 Jewel 440 E. Rand Rd. Arl. Hts.
 Jewel 1860 S. Arl. Hts. Rd. Arl. Hts.
 Jewel 333 E. Euclid Mt. Pros.
 Jewel 3000 Kirchoff Rd. Roll. Mdws.
 Neradt Ace  Hardware 1763 W. Golf Rd.  Mt. Pros.

**Please contact Groot Customer Service Department for current refuse, recycling, and yard waste rates at 800-244-1977.

† is NOT affiliated with


Arlington Heights

Here is not affiliated with Groot Recycling and Waste Services for official information contact Groot or Village of Arlington Heights.


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