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ARCHIVE: SEP 05 2001 - FEB 04 2002 | > ARCHIVE INDEX

The Statue of Liberty visits Arlington Heights?


MON FEB 04 Statue of Liberty snow sculpture by Fran Volz is gazed upon by a young girl in awe. Many others were similarly amazed at the beautiful site, which is located near the intersection of Arlington Heights Road and Miner. The gigantic US Flag backdrop hangs from the north wall of the Schroeder Dental Building.

Crowds stop by to take pictures around the clock, and motorists traveling south on Arlington Heights Road double-take the treat, which is a memorial to the September 11, 2001 tragedy.

Northwest Suburban Housing Sales Are Strong
SUN FEB 03 2002

Easy Winter, but Significant Snow Finally Hits the Northwest Suburbs
THU JAN 31 2002 Seventeen inches of snow at O'Hare.

Arlingtoncards.com is Growing Strong
JAN 27 2002 -- Arlingtoncards.com is now over 500 pages strong with helpful links, community news for the Arlington Heights area, and Arlington High School memories.

Arlington High School Alumna Named New Principal at Prospect
FRI JAN 25 2002 -- Karen Rogers named to succeed retiring principal Michael P. Stevens.

Limp Bizkit Tryouts at Guitar Center on 1/23/02
JAN 24 2002

New Reunions Coming
JAN 19 2002 -- Check Class of 1977 and 1982 in the
Reunions section for upcoming reunions.

Sales Tax Receipts Increase in 2001 Compared to 2000
JAN 13 2002

Gettysburg Office Condo Project Approved
TUE JAN 08 2002 -- Office condominiums to be developed by Arlingtown Developers L.C. on Arlington Heights Road near Golf Road.

Eleven Digit Dialing Begins in 847
JAN 04 2002 -- The opening of an overlay area code 224 in the 847 region will require telephone dialers to dial "one" and their own area code followed by the telephone number on Saturday January 5, 2002.

Costco Coming to Randhurst
WED DEC 21 2001 -- New building will occupy the former site where Montgomery Wards stood. Expected to open November 2002.

Aquifer discovery halts Arlington Heights sewer work
NOV 23 2001 -- New sewers were successfully installed in the Arlington Vista neighborhood, but an unexpected aquifer discovery has caused delays in the second phase in the Arlington Terrace neighborhood.

Remaining Arlington Town Square Condominiums to be Auctioned
NOV 09 2001 --
Joseph Freed Arlington Town Square

Off-Duty Palatine Firefighter Rescues Woman from Car Sinking in Pond
NOV 08 2001 -- Vehicle rolled in a Villa Verde Condominiums (Buffalo Grove) retention pond with a woman inside the car.

Web Updates Listed for Arlingtoncards.com
OCT 22 2001 -- Arlingtoncards.com is over 400 pages of information and growing. For the convenience of return visitors, news on updates and construction areas of Arlingtoncards.com is now listed in the
WHAT'S NEW section accessible from the Arlingtoncards.com top level home page.

New York/DC Terrorism News Sources Added to Arlingtoncards.com (See
SEP 15 2001 -- A special NATIONAL feature of THE CARDINAL has been added to cover news links and background information regarding the 9-11-2001 terrorism, the aftermath, the response to the attacks on New York, Washington DC, and bioterrorism.

Fighter Jet Sighted Over Arlington Heights While Responding to American Airlines Call for Help
OCT 8 2001, 3:15 pm CDT -- A witness in Arlington Heights Monday, Illinois saw one of the presumed Air Force Fighter Jets descend very rapidly from north to south over southern Arlington Heights (over the Scarsdale subdivision) and make a very sharp left turn toward O'Hare at a low altitude. The jet was observed descending rapidly within seconds after two sonic booms were heard. The Scarsdale subdivision is within six miles of O'Hare.

Two F-16's escorted the O'Hare approach of American Airlines Flight 1238 from Los Angeles to Chicago after a distress call was made by the crew reporting an intrusion into the cockpit. The intruder, later reported to have a history of mental illness, grabbed one of the crew members in the cockpit and caused the plane to tremor. Many passengers immediately rushed the intruder and pinned him down until the plane landed.

Military Planes Seen Circling at Night over Chicago Area
SEP 11 and 12, 2001 -- Planes assumed to be military, since all commercial flights are banned, have been seen flying in box or circular patterns over the Chicago area at night. The planes are at very high altitude and their jet rumble are barely heard above the night noises of crickets and cicadas. Some have been sighted in formation. The planes are likely to be
AWAC E-3, F-15 Eagle's, F-16's, and tankers, such as KC-10's or KC-135's.

District 214 Approves First Phase of $101 Million Expansion Plan
FRI SEP 07 2001 -- Unanimous board vote approves additions, expansion and renovations to high schools.

Class of '76 Reunion is a Big Hit

SEPT 05 2001 -- Judging from the response on the floor the night of the reunion and from e-mails received so far, the 25-Year Reunion from the Class of 1976 is a rousing success. Over 220 classmates and teachers arrived to find Arlington High School decked out as well as any pep rally that occurred in its days of glory. All the attention to details sweetened the night for old friends as they met again in the red brick building -- Arlington High School.

The following letter from former Arlington teacher Wayne Wagner sums up the feelings of teachers quite well:

Dear Class of '76,

It was a hoot!!! I loved your reunion!!! Thanks so much for inviting me. It was great to see you again and to reminisce about good times at the home of the Cardinal. It was especially good to do so at the Cardinal's home!

My congratulations to those of you who obviously labored very hard and very long to put the event together. As an English teacher who enjoys corrupting the language I say to you, "You done good."

My special thanks to those of you who took the time to stop by and say "Hi" to me. It made me feel good that you remembered me. My deepest thanks go to those of you who said a kind thing about something I may have done for you. As I near retirement (this June) I reflect frequently on my career and wonder if I was a success, if I really made a difference in anyone's life. Several of you were very generous in saying that I did. For that I am very grateful.

Again, thanks for the invite. It was my great pleasure to be there. You all seem to have done very well over the last 25 years, and I wish you well in the future.

Best wishes,

Wayne H. Wagner
High School District 214
Rolling Meadows High School

Arlington High School Recently Featured in Museum Exhibit ...

The exhibit for Arlington High School at the
Arlington Heights Historical Museum ended on October 7, 2001. You may continue to enjoy Arlington High School memories in the Archives section of Arlingtoncards.com.

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