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Jon Najarian 'Doctor J' (trader, financial reporter, professional football linebacker, Played for Chicago Bears and financial reporter for FoxNews Chicago.

Jeanine Nicarico a 10-year-old girl who in 1983 was abducted from her Naperville home, brutally raped and slain. Investigators narrowed in on a trio from Aurora: Alex Hernandez (aka Alejandro Hernandez), Stephen Buckley and Rolando Cruz. Hernandez and Cruz were convicted and sentenced to death (March 1985). The jury was deadlocked on Buckley and the charge against him was eventually dropped. Then Brian Dugan, who had been arrested for the brutal rape and murder of a Somonauk girl in 1985, confessed to the Somonauk murder of Melissa Ackerman, the murder of Geneva nurse Donna Schnorr and the Nicarico murder. In 1988 the Illinois Supreme Court overturned the convictions of Hernandez and Cruz ruling they should have been tried separately. Hernandez was released in a second trial after a hung jury in 1990. Hernandez was convicted at a third trial in May 1991 and sentenced to 80 years. Cruz was convicted in a second trial in 1990 and sentenced to death. Cruz was acquitted in his third trial in 1995. Governor George Ryan pardoned Rolando Cruz in December 2002. Hernandez was awaiting a fourth trial when his charges were dropped after original co-defendant Rolando Cruz charges were dropped. Brian Dugan is currently serving two consecutive life sentences in an Illinois prison for the rape and murder of Donna Schnorr and Melissa Ackerman, who were both killed after Jeanine Nicarico. DuPage prosecutors persistently countered Dugan's confession. In 1995, a DNA test matched semen in Jeanine Nicarico to Brian Dugan.  Du Page County State's Atty. James E. Ryan's office twice prosecuted Cruz. Critics accuse Ryan of covering up the original mistake of the convictions and destroying credibility surrounding Dugan. This story became a common example for activists against the death penalty. Author Scott Turow (Book:
Ultimate Punishment) and film stars John Cusack, Edward James Olmos, Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon fought for Cruz.

Marisol Nichols (
actress) Naperville native atteded Naperville North High School. Alma Award nomination for her part as Meriam Al Khalifa in The Princess and the Marine. Also stars in Showtime's Resurrection Blvd. Big screen debut in Vegas Vacation (1997) as Clark Griswold's daughter Audrey Griswold.

Ted Nugent (, aka Motor City Madman) a hard rock guitarist and right-wing National Rifle Association activist. Born in Detroit, Michigan, grew up in Palatine and attended St. Viator High School in Arlington Heights. Most famous for Cat Scratch Fever.

Arlington High School graduates are listed in the Hall of Fame section of

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Arlington High School graduates are listed in the
Hall of Fame section of


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