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Al Capone (gangster) Harry Caray (actor, sports announcer) most famous as announcer singing Take Me Out to the Ballgame -- Peter Cetera (musician, composer, actor) grew up in Chicago and most famous as a member of the group Chicago -- John Chancellor (news anchor) grew up in Chicago and worked for NBC Nightly News -- Chris Chelios (athlete, actor) grew up in Chicago and played for Chicago Blackhawks -- Steve Chen (technology entrepreneur - profile) co-founded with Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim in February 2005. The Internet product was rolled out in May 2005. Chen is a graduate of John Hersey High School and also attended Illinois Mathematics & Science Academy (IMSA). Chen attended the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, but did not graduate as he went to join other students of the Unviersity of Illinois who were forming PayPal. In October 2006, Chen and his partner Chad Hurley sold to Google, Inc. for $1.65 billion. Lucius Clay (US General) supervised a de-Nazification program of Germany immediately after World War II, directed the Berlin airlift, instituted currency reform, and helped establish constitutional law and self-government. He struggled victoriously against Soviets and Washington's Western allies who wanted to keep Germany divided and weak. Out of retirement, Clay returned to Berlin in 1961 during the construction of the Berlin Wall. On Clay's orders, U.S. tanks were brought to "Checkpoint Charlie" after East German guards refused to let a U.S. official back into West Berlin. The appearance of U.S. tanks brought arrival of Soviet tanks to the east of the checkpoint and the area was feared as a flashpoint for World War III. It was determined the tanks were Soviet tanks and not East German tanks and Clay was confident the Soviets would not take hostile action. Clay died in 1978. His West Point grave has a memorial from the citizens of Berlin that says, "Wir danken dem Bewahrer unserer Freiheit" -- "We thank the defender of our freedom." Hillary Rodham Clinton (First Lady, New York State Senator, Yahoo!) born in Chicago in 1947, moved to Park Ridge where she eventually attended Main East High School and graduated from newly opened Maine South High School in 1964. William Jefferson Clinton (42nd President of the United States) listings -- Gary Campbell Comer once a Young & Rubicam copywriter. He founded sailing product catalogue in 1963 in a basement, along the river in Chicago's old tannery district (basement in warehouse owned by Joe Regenstein was used rent free). Then focused on clothing and sold Lands' End to Sears. Gary Cole (actor, see grew up in Rolling Meadows and graduated from Rolling Meadows High School in 1974, starred in Midnight Caller and American Gothic. Robert Conrad (actor) grew up in Chicago and most famous as Jim West in The Wild, Wild West and recently in Jingle All the Way. Sister Annamarie Cook, one of the founders of Sisters of the Living Word, a religious order based in Arlington Heights, Illinois. Daniel P. Cook (US congressman, attorney general, circuit judge, statesman, lawyer) Cook County is named for Daniel Pope Cook. Billy Corgan (musician) born in Elk Grove Village, lead singer for Smashing Pumpkins.

Robert DeNiro and The Fireman by Bill Cosgrove

The Noble Breed by Bill Cosgrove

Accident or Arson by Bill Cosgrove

Bill Cosgrove (firefighter, author) technical advisor to Robert DeNiro for the movie Backdraft in 1990. Started career as Chicago Fire Department firefighter in 1969. Credited with rescuing 14 people from the year 1970 through 1984. Michael Crichton (writer, director, producer, actor) born in Chicago and wrote numerous well-known works such as
Jurassic Park and Twister. Arie Crown namesake Arie Crown Theater patriarch to one of this city's great business and philanthropic families. Henry Crown namesake Henry Crown Space Center Omnimax (d. 1990) financier. Lester Crown Son of Chicago financier Henry Crown and controls family holdings.

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