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A list of links that have been removed from because of failure or inappropriate content change.

The FAILED LINKS log is now located at the following address:
FAILED LINKS on The most recent six changes are updated in a syndicated feed, directly above.

Excite@Home ( ) 011204 removed because Excite@Home was in bankruptcy court on Friday November 30, 2001 and shut off AT&T subscribers on Saturday morning at about 7:45 a.m.

Arlington Heights Festival Orchestra 011221 removed after repeated access denied over the last few months.

Prevailing Winds and Family Life Magazines 011228 removed from Magazines section

Americast 011230 removed after sold to Wide Open West.

Computer Repair Center
805 E. Rand Rd Arl Hts
847-342-0300 moved checking original other suburban location


Pool & Spa Living
Published quarterly. No longer available on (shutdown).


Each bold, colorful page of Liguorian offers insight into the Catholic faith through a unique blend of inspiration, information, and encouragement. Published ten times a year, each issue of Liguorian will help you be more informed about the places, people, and issues of the Catholic Church, and help you cope with the pressures and problems of living a Christian life in a sometimes hostile secular world.
No longer available on (shutdown).

Back Street The Store removed 020810

USA G-7 Global Inventory Project removed 030102 broken link

US Army Intelligence and Security Command removed 030102 broken link

POWMIA.COM removed 030102 broken link

The Stadium Chicago removed 031126, restaurant closed.

Ima Lovebug's Romance Rater removed 040101 broken link

REUNIONS PAGE link removed because site was under construction and possibly causing confusion about registration. was removed from Good Samaritan Hospital Downer's Grove because it was no longer linking to the hospital

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